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7 months ago

Our truth in the eyes of others?

Much is said about people's gaze, about speaking by looking into their eyes (not just to show good manners), because it is through them that they really tell the truth. Or so they say.

The glances can be intimidating some, disturbing others, flattering also or seductive, but they will always tell us as much about the person who looks as about ourselves.

What we can see in others, we often recognize as part of our way of thinking and being, we cannot recognize what we don't know.

Recognizing ourselves through others implies a true act of inter-relationship, being in the present and now in communion with that person with whom we speak.

Note: Personal image, captured years ago with my Huawey Y320 phone.

Los invito a seguir y a apoyar a @tximeleta, @juancar347 y @txatxy.

Me puede encontrar como josevas217 en steemit.

Nota: imágenes captadas con mi teléfono Huawei Y5.

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