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"I've always believed that everything you don't choose is what defines you: your city, your neighborhood, your family... They are things that the people here are proud of, for them they are an achievement. Souls wrapped in bodies, bodies wrapped in cities."

Casey Affleck - Patrick Kenzie

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In our walk on this world, in this life, we can see ourselves from different points of view, in a general way we can say that we are composed of components:


Easily perceptible, it is what we can first appreciate about a person, even ourselves.
It is very easy to perceive it, when we see our reflection in the water, in a mirror, our shadow, when we feel pain, hunger, cold, we always have our corporeality present.


We know that there is something beyond the merely physical that allows us to differentiate even in identical twins. It is that which is not seen, but are perceived from the motivation of our actions, words, the intentionality behind each fact is determined by this component.

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Everything external -** that we perceive through the organic and process with the psychological**- becomes a determining factor in the formation of being. Even without realizing it, that place in which we live or to which we move, has to teach us how to adapt to that environment.

**Seeing them separately simplifies their observation, but in each one of us these aspects are implicit, indivisible, constant, permanent during this short period of time that we have called life.

However, we always -under normal conditions- seek balance, the way to stabilize our being in the world:

  • If we are cold, we warm ourselves, we eat hot food.
  • If we live some traumatic event, the mind will look for the way to bring it permanently to the present to confront it and overcome it, or it will keep it in the deepest part of our being in such a way that we do not remember it again.

When it comes to the social, changes usually involve more people. We can move from country to country or city, choose where to be, but the people who make life in such a place, will provoke changes in the way we see life; indisputably.

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Our family -which is not chosen- instills in us values, traditions, customs, sometimes even taste or dislike for certain foods, and in that process of formation we simply absorb that information as our own, and becomes the filter through which we will see the world as we grow and mature.

When I say, not chosen family, I don't mean it wrong, but it is so, we are only born in the bosom of a family that is the result of the union of two different families and that each one has its own history (good for some, bad for others), but we are simply the result of this.

It is up to each one of us to take total control of our lives, going through a process of self-knowledge and acceptance, to continue building ourselves from the bio-psycho-social.

For now, let's continue evolving from the good, from the good, and transcend in ourselves and in others.

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