Photography of the beauty of the forest#madeinweku

2 months ago

Greetings to all Weku lovers, give me a little time to find and create a photography work that I found in various places, at first I apologized to all my friends / relatives Weku, if later there will be my posts that are not teran please pay attention and forgiveness

I want to share a little of my experience when looking for the best photography to be used as a post, sometimes it's difficult because of the obstacles in taking photos but the power and the Patience is the best experience for me.


This is a photo of the fruit I took with my cellphone even though it was a little blurry but in my opinion this is the best


Fruits that are almost similar to grapes are part of the fruits that I take from the forest.


Beautiful nature decorated with a large number of flowers and fruits


The application that makes me find the best ...


We Are Weku....


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Beautiful photos!


Thank you @ rose12