🌹 Just Call Me Eve 🌹

8 months ago


Am I a fair maiden
Doomed to fate?
Or is it my destiny
To wander in shame?...

Do I dare hope
That I would again
Dance in the mists
Of the garden
Or fly on the wings
Of cherubs?...

I am the queen of love
But this lonely night
I loath love
And wish I was not called
Eve, the mother of living...

When my eyes were unveiled
I had wisdom
When angels rose
I flew in their midst...
Now my deep despair
Moans in silence
And I just want to walk
Beneath this moonlight
And forget every injustice
To my kind...

Am I stoned for adultery?
While he revels
In the aftermath
Of the heat?...
Is my fate to satisfy
His every whim
And darkest desires?
What of mine???...

Just call me Eve
Or I remain ever nameless
For the injustices
To my own
To my kind...

I put off the fires
That keep serpents away
Am I an ad lib
And a loose limb?
I condemn such lies
And travesty
And many injustices
To find my way
Towards the light...

Beneath the silence
Of the grey skies
Let my grieving heart
Seek solace in the dark
Far beyond the stars...

I left paradise for pain
A mystery yet unravelled
And now I close my eyes
Oblivious to all living
To all loving
These are my travails...
Just call me Eve
Your Eve
Your pain
Your pleasure...

An original poem by @edith4angelseu

Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood ❤❤❤🌹❤❤❤

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