7 months ago


Why do they drip
And fall
Casting a shadow
And crushing many a-dream?...

The skies heave
With the sadness
Of the clouds
To taint the beauty
Of the rainbow's colours...

The stars trickle
And splatter
Like lightning...
A mirror image
Of a splintered heart
Seeking refuge
From hurting memories...

I hold tight my umbrella
Watching many feet
Clatter home
But I don't care about
The stares my way
I just need the rain-drops
To mingle with my pain
To stop the storm
Raging in my sea...

To blemish your memories
And heal
Broken pieces
Is why the rain-drops drip...
And my tear-drops too
To remind me
That you are not worth it after all...

Case dismissed!
I turn off the faucet
Of my raining tear-drops
And hurry home...
Perhaps for a cup of tea
Under the humdrum
Of the falling rain-drops...

An original poem by @edith4angelseu

Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood ❤❤❤🌹❤❤❤

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Great one there


Dear @bafspotlight, Don't self-upvote your own comments, because this is a form of violation on WeKu.

Thank you

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