The Devil's Charm

7 months ago


A song without warning
An ominous sound
A discordant tone
A heart filled
With dark edges
And jagged pieces...

The quiet Moon speaks
Of an ancient charm
That ruined many
And sent them
Into the dark emptiness...

The devil's charm
A veneer of deceit
Sweet like wine
Swift in lies
And many enticements...

It is a known secret
From many ages
His charm is gild in gold
A lethal weapon
Covering his cold
And his ice...

See teardrops falling
In floods of pain
See sorrows engraved
On broken hearts
See man lying beneath
The weight of heavy guilt...

Do not be fooled
By surging seduction
When he flings
His ageless beauty
To harvest your soul...

For it is into the pit
Of dark emptiness...
Then you drown
In its depth
Never again to sit
In the midst of light...

From the devil's charm
For it is the shadows
Of impending doom
The intricate web
Of his darkening rage...

An original poem by @edith4angelseu

Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood 🌹🌹🌹❤🌹🌹🌹

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Wonderful poem... Your rhymes weren't so expressed



Thank you

lovely poem as always:)
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