Time To Treasure 🌹

7 months ago


The air whispers
Our desires from
Many years
Our warm arms
Reaches out
Softly, intertwining
In Love's sweet embrace...

One fountain
That quenches
All my thirst
One touch that sends
Many shivers
Again and again...

Beneath the pale moon
We gaze into our eyes
How time has flown
We barely noticed
How our Hunger
Is never assuaged...

We stood the test
It is now a time
To treasure
We count our many
Our many
Under the softened glow
Of the cascading moonlight
We know we are winning...

Our single heart beat
Changed our destinies
Let time last forever
To tend our loving hearts
Let it be the time to treasure
All we have meant to each other...
All we will ever be together
And our promise of love
'Til the very end...

An original poem by @edith4angelseu

Thank you for stopping by my neighbourhood ❤❤❤🌹❤❤❤

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